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about 7yfn

I started with the idea of “7 years” in 2011. I read in a book, which fell into my hands rather accidentally, that things could really happen if you bring them to paper. So one day, on the 15th of September 2011, I created a list of things and visions which should happen by the 15th of September 2018. Taking out this piece of paper in 2017, I realized that nearly everything I wrote down has already come to life. But there was one thing left - the idea of being a producer of my own songs was still only in my mind, although i already had scratched out some song layouts on my laptop. So, I had to go for it. That day I decided to trust in my visions of 2011 and I continued to work on that project - my project - so called 7YFN – Seven Years from Now.

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Sometimes things are so close
During a trip to New York City with the Band Parov Stelar (in which I am playing saxophone for more than three years now) I met the South African band Goldfish. After talking backstage about music, we were mentioning producers that we like, and one of the Goldfish Musicians spoke of a young Austrian sound engineer and producer named Nikodem Milewski. As it happens, Nikodem lives just 500 meters from my home in Vienna. A kind of “sign” - so, we met and started to work together on the compositions of mine, with the goal to check off the final item on his list.

The benefit of working in a diverse team
After beginning work on a concrete goal of creating an international sound that reaches people of different ages and cultures, I had the idea to bring a new aspect into the project. I was thinking about creating a totally diverse team of people to work together as a kind of start-up to reach my goal. Being close to 48, I knew that in my sound creations there could be a risk of being “old-fashioned. I think, in starting any business, first you must reflect on yourself. Where are my strengths, my weaknesses? Where are my opportunities and risks? Is there an option in just starting out of the blue? No, I am too old for these kinds of adventures. So, we ended up as a totally diverse team of people making music together and having a good time – different ages, sexes, cultures and backgrounds. Today we know that diverse teams, with their variety of ideas and intentions, will reach better results! And in times of transformation and digitalization there should be no limits in working globally. This is what makes the collaboration exciting and fruitful for me day by day.

Walk tall
I have a son named Coco Blue. Inspired by my love to my son and a child’s attitude and spirit, my first song is dedicated to Coco Blue. Walk tall. A deep house mix of thoughtful lyrics and messages I will forward to my son’s life. And the project continues to develop, with more songs in the pipeline. Stay tuned.



I am a Viennese saxophone player, musician and composer. During the past year, I started to work as a producer of my own tracks. Born in Austria in 1970, I studied Jazzsaxophone at the Conservatory of Vienna and later obtained a two year scholarship to study saxophone at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. During a decades long career as a freelancer, I have had the opportunity to work with great national and international acts.